AngelTrack is an integrated system meant to run your entire operation. Dispatch, QA, billing, timeclock, fleet, HR, supervision -- they all feed data to each other, as any high-function organization should. There is no importing or exporting or converting; AngelTrack is a single unified dataset expressing all aspects of your organization. Your AngelTrack license enables all of its features.


  • up to 600 calls/month
  • (about 20 per day)


  • up to 1,800 calls/month
  • (about 60 per day)


  • up to 4,000 calls/month
  • (about 150 per day)


  • up to 10,000 calls/month
  • (about 350 per day)

Total Billing Package


You can often get a bundle price when you sign up with one of AngelTrack’s resellers who also provide your billing service.

Just click on find your reseller above and give them a call.

*Your organization may require a smaller or a larger server, depending on the load you place on it and on the volume of data you generate. If your headcount or call volume consistently exceeds the Strength Guideline, your account will be reviewed and may be required to upgrade to an appropriate server strength. Wheelchair calls count as 1/3rd of a stretcher call for the purpose of this formula. Larger servers, server clusters, and custom contracts are available in order to exactly match your company's needs with appropriate server muscle.

One-time surcharge for customers in non-compliant states and counties

New AngelTrack customers are subject to a one-time surcharge if they are located in a state or county that that fails to comply with any of the following aspects of the NEMSIS v3 standard:

  1. Accepts uploads of run reports in the NEMSIS v3.4.0 XML format
  2. Provides either or both of the following:
    • A webservice conforming to the the NEMSIS v3 Web Services Guide
    • A web interface for manual uploads of batched run reports which supports batches of at least 100 runs per file
  3. Accepts the NEMSIS national certification awarded to AngelTrack — i.e. does not impose a redundant recertification process
  4. Limits its datafield requirements to the fields in the NEMSIS v3.4.0 data standard — i.e. does not impose custom datafields or custom value lists*

The surcharge is levied to compensate AngelTrack LLC for the additional development, testing, and negotiation work required to satisfy the demands of a non-compliant state or county. NEMSIS is our industry data standard, and every single state agreed to conform to it. There are no longer any good reasons for refusing it or for demanding a private modification to it.

*The NEMSIS v3 standard was an open collaboration involving EMS stakeholders across the nation. Adequate and numerous opportunities were available for any state or county EMS office to express its data requirements for inclusion in the specification. So, there is no justification for any state or county to now demand additional datafields not already satisfied by the standard.

Non-compliant states and counties currently subject to surcharge:

Locality One-time Surcharge
Orange County, California $2,000.00