7 May 2017

AngelTrack introduces Customer Self-Serve Online Booking

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Would you like to add online booking for your EMS agency? Being able to allow your customers to directly book and schedule for transports online can be an exciting tool to offer. 

Customer Portal Request Form

The biggest advantage to providing online booking for your clients is the reduction in the time required to book a transport. This can allow for a reduction in staffing overhead for your agency. However, is a simple email or web form to collect the data for a transport really providing you with the benefits that you were expecting by implementing an online booking system? AngelTrack takes this one step further with an online booking platform which directly integrates into your AngelTrack dispatch system.

There are some very important considerations when implementing an online booking system.

Is the system secure or is it open to anyone to make a request? If anyone can make a request, is there a solid verification procedure in place or is it susceptible to abuse from a competitor?

Does the system provide for a long enough lead time between a transport request and the time of service? A system that allows for transport booking of immediate or short lead time transports can often cause overbooking of your resources and quickly leave customers dissatisfied if you aren’t able to arrive at the requested time. Allowing at least a 24 hour lead time and requiring a confirmation procedure for online booked transports should be considered before implementing a system.

How is the system getting the data to your dispatch system? An online booking system that directly integrates into your CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) can help prevent data input errors.

How does the system handle data that has to be acquired in order to enhance your billing and state data reporting requirements? Is it obtaining the required information or will that have to be entered manually?

AngelTrack’s online transport request system addresses all of these concerns.

AngelTrack’s online booking service is a secure platform that guides the customer to select origin and destination, and set times for pickup and dropoff. For scheduled transports, the friendly form collects all information necessary to book the transport… even a round trip if they so desire.

Customer requests queue up for approval (or rejection) by one of your dispatchers. During the approval process, the dispatcher reviews the details of each request, adding notes and making adjustments as necessary. The customer is then automatically notified via email, letting them know their request was added to the schedule… or was declined, with explanation.

Nursing homes, hospitals, personal-care homes, and even individual patients can all use it, if they prefer that over traditional telephone booking.

You can learn more about the integrated online booking platform in our video walk-through <Click here to watch the video>.

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