Understanding your relationship with Nursing Homes

Improve how you deal with your Nursing Home clients by understanding more about the hidden interactions that go on.
9 Dec 2016

Do you constantly feel like you’re battling your nursing home clients?

Often times in the world of private ambulance transportation, we don’t feel like we’re working with our nursing home clients as much as we should be. The growing paperwork demands from Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance carriers along with the increased compliance and oversight EMS is under indirectly (and sometimes directly) cause friction between private ambulance companies and their nursing home clients. AngelTrack has put together a great article for EMS and Nursing Facility’s to better educate their staff and bridge the gap we often feel in our communications. We all have similar goals but in order to minimize friction and improve a healthy working relationship, it’s important that staff understands the needs and demands that each provider is facing.

For example, do your medics and dispatchers understand the concept of bed-filling and body-snatching which may affect whether you are transporting to the closest appropriate facility? or when it’s actually in the interest of the facility and the patient to transport to non-covered destinations (or non-covered mileage) ? The facility may be getting the bill for the transport in order to fulfill other obligations or to ensure continuity of care of the patient.

From our article,

“…a patient admitted to a hospital may not return to the nursing home at all! Hospital administrators often have relationships with specific nursing homes, and so the hospital may attempt to discharge the patient to that nursing home, rather than the nursing home they came from.”

“When a patient must go out to the emergency room, family members frequently demand that EMS take the patient to a distant hospital. That hospital may be conveniently close to the family members’ homes, or it may have recently had good press or positive reviews. Unfortunately these reasons do not qualify for insurance coverage.”

Are your facilities aware of the best ways to reduce their transport invoices? Have you educated them on the importance of ensuring Prior Authorizations? AngelTrack has built in Customer Portals which display to the facility the upcoming transports and indicate which ones need authorization. Prior Authorizations are a key way to reduce a facility’s transport bill.

Learn more about the relationships between ambulance providers and nursing facilities by reading the whole article. Just click on the link below.

Understanding Nursing Homes

This is a must read for Ambulance Company owners, sales people, dispatchers and senior medics who want to work with their customers and develop relationships.

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